Summer Hair

I thought I would post something other than music, as that is what I seem to be most focused on as of late. To change gears, I have been growing my hair out for quite some time now (I can’t believe I’ve had the dedication, but having a great haircut, and using wonderful products from ARROJO really helps). My hair is still only just barely to my shoulders, but long for me, as I have always had quite short hair for the majority of my life.

Last summer, I was able to not only further along the growing-out phase by doing twists to keep it off my face in the extremely hot NYC weather, but also, to transition through that awkward mid-length stage.

As my hair is a bit longer now, I am really excited to do more things with it this summer, experiment a bit. Here are a couple of styles that are inspired by the 70’s. The first image being the inspiration, the second and third being my reiterations (one a bit messy, the other tighter).

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