Stephanie Mills- "Put Your Body In It"

Jonathan and I discovered Stephanie Mills’ song “Put Your Body In It” through, and we have really been into it lately. It seems more people are catching on, or realizing this long lost track has grown in popularity, and will surely become a dancefloor hit once again. Scouring through a flea market in Chelsea a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the record, and snatched it up quickly! It is surely a hit! You can download it at Lovefingers’ site from 9.16.06! Here is what James Murphy had to say while reviewing it on Itunes, as a song on his playlist.

“I’ve recently fallen in love with this song again. The synth bass is insane, and the vocal sound, while seeming on paper like something I might not like, is amazing. That swimmy delay and the punchy arpeggiated stabs…and also there’s great disco lyrics about her waiting for some hot, shy dude to come onto the dance floor. In a sea of bad emo lyrics, very little makes me happier than this.” Well said James!!


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