I have always been a lover of the disco. Disco music from the 70’s and Italo Disco from the 80’s is what I am really into now. Living in New York has opened me up to a new way of listening to disco……at clubs, rather than on my laptop at home. I can actually go out on Thursday nights to the Tribeca Grand Hotel/ Sanctum, or go see James Murphy and Pat Mahoney spinning the greatest disco tracks this generation has come to know and love. Here are some of my favorite disco tracks to date:

Chantal Curtis- “Get Another Love”
Hamilton Bohannon- “Wake Up”
Stephanie Mills- “Put Your Body In It”
Cloud One – “Disco Juice”
Kano- “It’s a War”
Dance Reaction- “Disco Train”
Black Ivory- “Mainline”

Rose Royce- “Do Your Dance”
A Taste of Honey- “Boogie Oogie Oogie”
Destination- “Move On Up”
Dan Hartman- “Vertigo/Relight My Fire”
Woolfy- “Set it Up”
Candi Stanton- “When You Wake Up Tomorrow”
Rockers Revenge- “Walking on Sunshine”
Breakwater- “Say You Love Me Girl”
Nemesy- “24 Hours”
The System- “It’s Passion”
The Ring- “Savage Lover”
Plastic Bertrand- “Encore”
Fox the Fox- “Precious Little Diamond”


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